About the project

Are you an activist, community leader, academic, journalist, or simply someone looking for a way to get politically engaged in this uncertain time?

While the pandemic has kept many of us at home this past year, the crisis has also foregrounded the pressing issues of our time and our common uncertain futures in the face of these challenges. That is why we decided to create the Green Screen: a series of film screenings followed by engaging discussions on the contemporary issues we face today as well as artistic performances. As Europe faces the great challenges of COVID-19 recovery and climate change, The Green Screen project asks questions such as: ‘What does a better, greener and fairer future look like?’ and ‘How can we guarantee a just transition for all?’.

Every Thursday on the 3rd week of the month, from July 2021 to March 2022, a film screening will take place. Each month will have a different theme which explores issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic and a just transition, and that the Greens are still debating, such as: a shared European recovery, investing in green futures, a social Europe, the re-localisation of essential sectors and re-appreciation of essential workers, the rebuilding of our healthcare systems, a feminist recovery, and respecting citizens’ rights and the rule of law and global solidarity.

As Greens, we believe that we cannot simply go back to “business-as-usual” as we begin to rebuild our societies and our economies post-COVID. Now is the time to demand fairer jobs and better working conditions, to push for more resilient and healthy food systems, to build clean, walkable and liveable cities, to encourage solidarity between countries, and to strengthen our democracies and institutions.

We need an economic transition to a more fair and sustainable system that leaves no one behind. Now more than ever, we must demand that we build a better tomorrow. Since the beginning of our political journey, the Greens have pushed for a more sustainable and fair future, built on the values of solidarity and democracy.

In light of the multiple and interrelated crises that we face today – the global health pandemic, but also the climate and socio-economic crises – Green Parties across Europe are setting out their visions for a better tomorrow. Join the Greens in shaping a common vision for the future of Europe and our planet.

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The Green Screen film screenings will be made accessible in all European countries. Every month, we will be releasing 1,000 free tickets for each event.

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By theme

Each month, the Green Screen is dedicated to a key theme to build a better future for Europe. On the third week of each month, a film screening will be made available for free on our platform for 48 hours, on Wednesday and Thursday. Then, you can follow a live debate on an issue inspired by the film, which will take place on Thursdays at 19:00 CET. You can follow it here or on our Youtube channel.

  • Rebuilding our Healthcare Systems

    Neoliberal recipes that rely on cutting public spending and on the functioning of markets to deliver sufficient healthcare have failed. The pandemic has broken the overton window for what’s possible. So why not invest in our public services and infrastructure?

  • Fighting Inequality through COVID-19 Recovery

    The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities within the EU and abroad. We will explore how we can ensure a just recovery and work towards a truly social post-Pandemic Europe; one in which no one is left behind.

  • Bringing Back Essential Sectors and Empowering Workers

    The pandemic has shed light on the vulnerabilities of our essential sectors and supply chains, as well as the working conditions of essential workers. How can we bring back local production that enables more just, sustainable, and resilient societies?

  • Protecting Citizen Rights and Democracy

    Democracy is increasingly under threat throughout the COVID-19 pandemic due to authoritarian regimes growing bolder in their attacks against democracy, human rights and civil liberties. We’ll be exploring the stories of those who fight to uphold citizen rights and the rule of law in times of crisis.

  • Building Green Futures Together

    The COVID-19 and climate crises are deeply interlinked: both have been borne out of industrial practices that are encroaching on our planetary boundaries and the collective health and wellbeing of animals and humans. How can we start to envision a greener, fairer, and more resilient world for future generations?

  • A Call for Global Solidarity!

    Today, the wealthiest countries have bought enough doses to vaccinate their populations nearly 3 times over, whilst low-income countries are still struggling to vaccinate 10% of their population. How could the EU lead in global solidarity with its recovery funds, humanitarian aid, medical support and debt relief?

  • Demanding a Feminist Recovery

    Women still don’t have equal pay for equally valuable work in 2021, and the pandemic has worsened gender inequality. Even worse, the Recovery Plan that’s supposed to tackle the impact of COVID-19 is pouring money into male-dominated sectors. What now?

  • COVID-19 Recovery for All

    The themes of solidarity and recovery will be explored in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. What should our collective recovery from COVID-19 look like in Europe? And how can we ensure that the EU Recovery Plan, heralded as a ‘triumph of unity’, will lead to a just and sustainable transition?

Want to learn more about the European Greens and our work on a just and sustainable transition and COVID-19 Recovery? You can read the resolution ‘Coronavirus Recovery: Let’s Build a Better Tomorrow!’.