About the project

The Green Screen project engages citizens in contemporary issues through films and debates. It was created by the European Green Party during the pandemic to support the cultural sector and foster political debate around green issues at the forefront of public debate. Each screening features a film on a topical issue, a live debate, and artistic performance.

The European Green Party is a European political party that is also known as the European Greens. We bring together national parties that share the same Green values, and who are active across the entire European continent – both within the European Union and beyond. We are striving for a Green transformation of Europe and its economy, that will bring about a progressive and sustainable future for all its citizens.

Since the beginning of our political journey, the Greens have pushed for a more sustainable and fair future, built on the values of solidarity and democracy.

We are demanding fairer jobs and better working conditions, pushing for more resilient and healthy food systems, building clean, walkable, and livable cities, and strengthening our democracies and institutions.

Considering the multiple and interrelated crises that we face today – the global health pandemic, but also the climate and socio-economic crises – Green Parties across Europe are setting out their visions for a better tomorrow. Join the Greens in shaping a common vision for the future of Europe and our planet.

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The Green Screen film screenings will be made accessible to stream for 7 days in all European countries. Every month, we will be releasing 1,000 free tickets for each screening.

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